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Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads for Edema

Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads for Edema

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Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads for Edema

Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads for Edema

Regular price $14.97
Regular price $14.97 Sale price $24.00
SAVE 37% Sold out
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Our latest product has helped Linda Bush from Brooklyn, New York achieve

"I'm 40 this year and have had congenital lymphedema in my right leg. After years of examinations, surgeries, and inaccurate diagnoses at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota, I finally got the right diagnosis in my senior year of high school. I've had a few treatment opportunities, and I completely agree that lymphatic massage and wrapping are the most effective. However, the daily routine of massages and the cumbersome wrapping just didn't fit my lifestyle. About three years ago, after moving to Colorado, I noticed the swelling worsening, probably due to the altitude change from Minnesota to Colorado. The swelling got so severe that even wearing compression garments and elevating my leg didn't help. Recently, my new doctor recommended the  Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads. After using it, within just one day, the swelling on my foot significantly reduced, and the pain at the swollen area lessened. The warm engergy felt amazing, and about two weeks later, when I checked the lymph flow, it seemed to have improved. This has given me renewed hope; this is now the 7th weekend. I have to say, this is the only time I've found answers, especially the right ones. I wholeheartedly recommend this as the right treatment. Best of luck to you, and I hope it works as wonderfully for you as it has for me!!" Linda Bush 

"Man, I've been dealing with some serious weight issues. It's been causing unbearable pain in my back joints, and on top of that, I've got osteoarthritis going on. It's been messing with my sleep big time, and the joint pain is just relentless. I've tried all sorts of stuff, but nothing seems to do the trick. Then, my buddy recommended this product to me. So, I gave Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads a shot. Let me tell you, that subtle energy just made me feel so relaxed and energized. I stuck with it for 8 weeks, and damn, I lost weight, my joints ain't bothering me anymore, and my body metabolism and blood circulation feel like they've been reborn. I'm feeling so much lighter now, and my sleep quality has been solid. Every time I use it, I feel like all those toxins are just getting flushed out. I'm seriously blown away by the change in myself." Freddie Smith

"I decided to give this product a try because I was tired of feeling constantly exhausted, craving carbs, and dealing with weight gain. At 59, I'm pretty sure my metabolism has taken a hike, and I knew I needed some help. After the first use, I immediately felt lighter in my legs and slept better at night. In just two months, I shed nearly 75 pounds. My appetite decreased, it worked wonders, I soak two every time, they taste alright, don't make my feet uncomfortable, leave no marks, and the weight loss results are astonishing. I want to share this story because I know there might be others going through what I went through. Trying it spared me a lot of pain and torment. And most importantly, it's affordable!" Elizabeth Martinez

Why do you need to clean your body?

The modern lifestyle and unhealthy dietary habits lead to the accumulation of toxins and emotional stress in our bodies every day. These toxins accumulate in the lymphatic, hepatic, and circulatory systems, becoming burdensome. As a result, it can cause bodily swelling, weight gain, sensitivity to pain, and lack of energy. A fatigued lymphatic system fails to effectively clear waste from the body through lymphatic fluid flow, leading to abdominal bloating, constipation, swelling, pain, and digestive discomfort. Additionally, it may contribute to severe liver health issues. It is crucial for aiding the body in eliminating waste to ensure optimal bodily function and disease prevention.

Throughout the body viathe lymphatic system

As the farthest extremities from the heart, the feet bear increased pressure in transporting blood and lymphatic fluid back to the heart. Consequently, blood and lymphatic fluid tend to accumulate and stagnate in these areas, making lymphatic reflux obstruction and lymphatic fluid accumulation more likely. Therefore, we have developed  Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads, containing bee venom extract and a variety of natural herbal extracts. Our product directly targets the lymphatic system and blood vessels of the feet, delivering pure natural ingredients into the body through the pores. of the feet via soaking, ensuring safer and more effective entry into the lymphatic system. Once absorbed, these ingredients promote blood and lymphatic circulation, aiding in the clearance of waste and toxins, preventing fat accumulation and lymphatic edema, and enhancing metabolism. This is crucial for assisting the body in waste elimination, ensuring optimal bodily functions, and preventing diseases.

The story of Dr. Stanley G. Rockson and Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads

As a specialist in human circulation and lymphatic medicine, I understand the problems and challenges that foot lesions and lymphatic blockages present to patients. In my 15-year clinical career, I have encountered countless patients suffering from edemo, obesity, leg disorders and metabolic difficulties. Based on a research artiole published in the International Journal of Lymphatic Research in 2023, I made an amazing discovery about the effects of bee venom on the human body.

Research has shown that the active biopeptide in bee venom. melittin, can permeate the lymphatic fluid, assisting lymph nodes in clearing bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances. By clearing waste and toxins from the lymphatic network and enhancing the pressure differential within lymphatic vessels, melittin promotes accelerated lymphatic flow, thereby facilitating metabolic activities. In January 2024, after over a month of extensive research and extraction, it was discovered that bee venom produced by New Zealand bees can rapidly enter the human body through the pores and reflex points on the feet. By activating and facilitating this process, it can achieve the fastest and most effective lymphatic drainage and waste elimination. through the feet.

 I have combined various botanical ingredients, long known for their benefits to the lymphatic system and body metabolism, to create the Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads. This  Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads has been proven to be the best choice for treating lymphatic problems. The blend of these ingredients, coupled with the potent properties of bee venom, provides a breakthrough solution for rapid resolution of metabolic dysfunction and lymphatic congestion.

"I am very excited about the potential of these foot soaking beads. as they can provide relief and hope to people facing similar challenges worldwide. Their unique formula enhances lymphatic detoxification effects and improves the quality of life for those struggling with this challenging condition. As a specialist in human circulation, I am confident in recommending Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads as the ultimate solution."

All ingredients are derived from natural plants and bee venom, cruelty free !

Bee Venom: Bee venom is the venom produced by New Zealand honeybees. It is obtained by stimulating bees to excrete venom under ether anesthesia. This natural substance poses no life- threatening risks and its potential benefits for the lymphatic system and accelerating metabolism have been recognized. It can enhance the pressure differential in lymphatic vessels, accelerate metabolism, and facilitate waste exoretion. Moreover, bee venom serves as a relatively safe body regulator with activating. properties. Therefore, it can stimulate the activity of lymphatic cells and blood cells, accelerate blood circulation and lymphatic fluid circulation, effectively hasten energy expenditure and fat consumption in the body. Additionally, bee venom extract also has positive effects on liver health and recovery, helping reduce liver fat and damage caused by late-night activities.

Black pepper extract: containing various active ingredients, it can increase internal heat production in the body, promote the breakdown and combustion of fat. Moreover, by enhancing cellular sensitivity to insulin, it facilitates the utilization and metabolism of glucose, thereby aiding in controlling blood sugar levels and preventing insulin resistance, consequently reducing fat deposition in the liver.

Ice plant extract: A natural herbal remedy that stimulates gastric acid secretion and enhances the secretion of digestive juices. thereby aiding in improved digestion and reducing digestive discomfort and gastrointestinal issues. Upon entering the body through the lymphatic system, it can inhibit the formation of fat cells, reducing fat deposition and accumulation. This helps prevent weight gain and fat buildup.

Oak extract: It contains an active substance called tannin, which is a natural astringent that can contract tissues, reduce fluid exudation, and alleviate swelling symptoms. It also has diuretio properties, helping promote urine excretion, thereby reducing fluid. accumulation and swelling symptoms in the body.

Gingerol: Gingerol, an active compound found in ginger, has the ability to accelerate metabolism, aiding in the reduction of blood lipids and cholesterol levels while increasing energy expenditure. This contributes to the reduction of fat accumulation and promotes weight loss. Additionally, gingerol exhibits appetite- suppressing properties, thereby reducing calorie intake, which aids in weight management and further enhances the effectiveness of weight loss efforts.

Hawthorn Fruit: it aids in promoting normal digestive system function, reducing constipation and indigestion, thereby focilitating weight loss. It contains small amounts of flavonoids that help lower blood lipids and cholesterol levels, improving blood circulation and addressing liver issues.

Amy's 6-week detox and weight loss journey with Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads for Edema:

1 Week

"I'm an IT professional and my job requires me to sit for long hours every day. I used to be somewhat overweight, but my career decision has weighed me down more than ever and I often feel stressed after work. So I decided to look for something that would help me curb my appetite and address my weight, but not in a drastic way Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads on Facebook and decided to give it a try. After a few days, I already feel a decrease in my appetite."

3 Weeks

"These Foot Soak Beads are really amazing! I've been wearing them continuously for about 3 weeks and my body has been slowly undergoing positive changes, almost like the stored fat in my belly is gradually disappearing, making my stomach slimmer. The feeling of bloating in my belly is no longer there and I no longer overeat I now feel lighter and more energetic looking forward to seeing more results in the coming weeks.

6 Weeks

"Amazing! I never really expected it to be a game changer for me! I now have a healthier physique and everyone in my family is delighted with this amazing transformation. I was able to achieve my goal without undergoing risky surgical procedures. This This product is really great because it has also healed my lymphatic system. Such a wonderful supplement that is so helpful, I highly recommend it to people like me.--Amy, 42, Austin, Texas

What makes Bee Venom Lymphatic Drainage Soaking Beads your perfect choice?

  • Effective detoxification of the lymphatic system
  • Safe and fast removal of blood and lymph nodes
  • Acceleration of metabolism
  • Promoting healthier blood circulation
  • 90% reduction of excess lymphatic fluid within 1 month
  • Natural and healthy weight loss without rebound
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Enhance liver detoxification function
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Relief of pain and swelling
  • Powerful herbal therapy created using advanced nanotechnology
  • Clinically proven effective by medical research centers
  • Developed and manufactured in US FDA registered laboratories
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Reduce cravings for sugar and other foods
  • Providing individuals with more energy and vigor

Instructions for use:

  1. Prepare lukewarm water around 35℃-40℃/95℉-105℉
  2. Place the foot soaking beads in the warm water and soak for 2 to 3 minutes until the beads dissolve.
  3. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Use once a day. Use continuously for 3-6 weeks.

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